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Ohio Announces Project to Provide Naloxone Drug in Rest Stops

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s RecoveryOhio initiative, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and the Ohio Department of Health's Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) announced a new initiative to install Naloxone kits at rest areas across the state. Naloxone is a medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose by restoring normal breathing.

"Increasing access to Naloxone is critical to combatting the opioid crisis and decreasing the number of overdose deaths in Ohio,” said Governor DeWine. “By placing Naloxboxes in rest areas across the state we are providing more opportunities to reverse the deadly effects of illicit opioids and providing opportunities for Ohioans to choose recovery.” More than 130 boxes with naloxone are being installed at 65 rest areas across the state.

The impact of the opioid crisis in Ohio is alarming. The Ohio Department of Health reported 4,915 deaths due to unintentional drug overdoses last year, a number nearly four times greater than the fatalities caused by motor vehicle crashes. The installation of Naloxone kits at rest areas will help address this crisis by providing an immediate response to overdose situations.

The effectiveness of Naloxone and initiatives like Project DAWN is evident from the statistics. In 2014, Project DAWN distributed 2,894 naloxone kits, resulting in 190 known overdose reversals. By 2022, the number of kits distributed had significantly increased to 205,584, with 18,244 known overdose reversals. These numbers emphasize the positive impact that widespread access to Naloxone can have in saving lives.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose is crucial. Common indicators include unresponsiveness, slow or no breathing, blue lips or fingernails, choking or coughing, cold or clammy skin, small pupils, and dizziness or disorientation. It is essential for individuals to be aware of these signs and be prepared to take action if they encounter someone experiencing an opioid overdose.

Ohioans can play an active role in combating the opioid crisis by familiarizing themselves with the location of rest stops with planned Naloxbox installations. Further information and updates can be accessed through the provided links. Additionally, Ohioans have the option to order Naloxone kits for delivery to their homes through

The installation of Naloxone kits at rest areas throughout Ohio is a crucial step in increasing access to this life-saving drug. By providing immediate intervention options for opioid overdoses, Ohio is taking a proactive approach to address the opioid crisis and save lives. It is a promising initiative that showcases the state's commitment to battling this devastating epidemic.

Access b-roll of Naloxbox installation and view a map of rest stops with planned Naloxboxes. Installation will continue throughout the month of September. Ohioans can also order Naloxone to be delivered to their home at


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