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Addiction A - Z

Addiction is a medical disorder that affects the brain and changes behavior. The medical term for addiction is substance use disorder. There are proven prevention, early intervention, and treatment options available.

Types of Substance Use Disorder


For Caregivers & Families

enCompass Training

enCompass is a resource for family members who are trying to navigate the complex world of addiction and help loved ones achieve recovery.

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Addiction 101 Free eCourse


Understand the basics of addiction, including how it affects the brain, and how addiction can be prevented and treated.

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Navigating Treatment and Addiction: A Guide for Families


The guide includes basic definitions, as well as in-depth information about substance use disorders, treatment options, communication strategies, and self-care tips.

Addiction: Dispelling the Myths

The Hijacker

Learn about how substance use disorders (SUDs) affect tissue function in two main parts of the brain.

Whirlpools of Risk

People have different risk factors that make them more vulnerable to developing SUDs.

Understanding Severity

There are 3 levels of severity: mild, moderate, and severe—also known as an addiction.

Don't Wait for Rock Bottom

Substance use disorders get worse over time. The earlier treatment starts the better the chances for long-term recovery.

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