Our Work

Awareness Campaigns

Our awareness campaigns aim to educate the public on a host of important topics, from dispelling the myths around addiction, the importance of overdose reversal efforts, prevention strategies for parents and prescription drug safety and disposal.


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Find Treatment & Recovery Help

The Resource Database helps people find addiction treatment and recovery facilities that use evidence-based treatments to address substance use disorder (SUD) near them.


Find Addiction Help


Check out our publications, reports, infographics and white papers.


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Science Translation

Our Science Translation project expands public understanding about addiction and replaces the myths and misinformation that keep substance use disorders (SUDs) from being treated like any other medical condition.


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Community Action Plans

We partner with communities to create a comprehensive roadmap to address substance use disorder, opioid addiction, and overdose death, utilizing evidenced-based practices and inter-agency stakeholder partnerships. While all areas are critical, implementing criminal justice diversion programs, protecting children impacted by parental substance use disorder, and increasing capacity for medication-assisted treatment utilizing all three FDA-approved medications to treat opioid use disorder are essential pieces of the larger framework.  

Innovation Now

This initiative showcases innovative programs and interventions from across the nation that are actively transforming the field of addiction. We imagine a world where these promising innovations are accelerated, scaled up, and accessible to communities most in need.


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