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Dr. Mark S. Gold is a teacher of the year, translational researcher, author, mentor and inventor best known for his work on the brain systems underlying the effects of opioid drugs, cocaine and food.  Gold was a Professor, Eminent Scholar, Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Alumni Professor, Chairman, Emeritus Eminent Scholar during his 25 years at the University of Florida.


He has received numerous awards for his research and translating them into new treatments.  Principally, in addiction medicine, but also in endocrinology, nerve repair and cancer.  Gold’s work has been a critical part of the foundational science which established that drugs of abuse change the brain, are addicting on the basis of these changes, and can be successfully treated. 

He is an author and inventor who has published over 1000 peer reviewed scientific articles, 20 text books, popular-general audience books, and physician practice guidelines.  

by Dr. Mark Gold


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