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Instructor Spotlight: Addison Steinke

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Addison Steinke, a nurse in the Dayton, OH region, began her career in 2018 treating patients in Emergency Rooms. It was here that she began advocating for patients, connecting them with addiction resources that weren’t easily accessible. This experience led Addison to pursue addiction medicine when she continued her education as a Nurse Practitioner. In 2021, she was the first nurse hired to OneFifteen’s Residential Unit and has since seen promotions that led her to her current Telehub Project Manager role where she schedules Learning Institutes for OneFifteen staff. She found that the Addiction Policy Forum’s Responding to Addiction training was another way she could educate staff on addiction and stigma. Since joining OneFifteen, Addison shares that she’s been “blessed to grow OneFifteen’s services and open doors for clients who may not have the easiest access to care.”

Addison has been an enCompasss Instructor since 2022. With multiple trainings completed, Addison has conducted sessions for a variety of audiences with the majority having a background in healthcare. “I am dedicated to addiction medicine treatment and want to make a difference in the lives I touch,” says Addison.

Addison has helped us collect invaluable data that we use to understand the impact of enCompass and Responding to Addiction. We are immensely grateful to Addison for helping bring Responding to Addiction to the Dayton, OH community. Thank you, Addison for all that you do!


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