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Instructor Spotlight: Stephanie Kerns

Updated: Jun 15

Stephanie Kerns is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and the Director of Substance Use Services and System Integration with Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare. Stephanie's understanding of how substance use disorders impact families stems from her own lived experiences, fueling her commitment to supporting families in need. She dedicates herself to bridging gaps in care and providing comprehensive support to those navigating the challenges of substance use disorders. Stephanie's passion for making a positive difference shines through in her unwavering efforts to empower individuals and families on their journey toward healing and recovery.

Drawing from 15 years of dedicated service in the child welfare and behavioral health sectors, Stephanie's passion and extensive expertise have propelled her to assume the role of an enCompass/Responding to Addiction instructor, serving the Charlotte County, Florida community. Alongside fellow instructors, she works tirelessly to challenge stigma and promote harm reduction principles among local residents and professionals alike, fostering a culture of compassion, understanding, and support in addressing substance use disorders.

We want to thank Stephanie for her contributions as an instructor and her dedication to ending stigma!

To learn more about becoming an enCompass Instructor, click here.


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