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Instructor Spotlight: Linda Christensen

Linda Christensen is the Director of Education Programs for Suncoast on Chemical Dependency. A dedicated teacher by both profession and nature, Linda has delivered information on substance use disorders in recovery houses, ministerial gatherings, and public forums. She has also developed programs with the National Institute of Mental Illness and their youth programs to deliver recovery resources on addiction and substance use disorders at behavioral health conferences.

As an enCompass instructor, Linda has taken her commitment to education even further by reaching out to her networks in Florida, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Through programs like enCompass and Responding to Addiction, Linda has been instrumental in bringing vital resources and knowledge to these communities. In reflecting on her role as an instructor, Linda shared, “ I believe my training through enCompass and my membership with APF have given me the springboard to teach and accomplish my soul’s goals of prevention and recovery.”

Thank you, Linda, for your dedication and enthusiasm in increasing awareness and understanding of substance use disorders within your communities. Your contributions and experience are invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside you in this important mission.


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