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NIDA Recruiting Volunteers for Substance Use and Stress Clinical Trial

You may be eligible for a research study.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is looking for volunteers who use heroin or other opioids to participate in a study focused on developing methods for measuring how someone's surrounding environment affects stress and substance use. The study will last 30 weeks and requires attendance at the Archway Clinic in Baltimore, MD three times a week. During this time, participants will be required to take doses of buprenorphine at the clinic and in their own home.

Eligibility for the study:

  • Between ages of 18-75

  • Use heroin or other opioids

  • Live or spend most of your time in or around Baltimore

  • Seeking treatment for opioid dependence

  • Can physically attend Archway Clinic three times a week

Layout of the study:

  • From weeks 1-22, participants will be required to give urine and breath samples.

  • Weeks 2-30, participants will fill out questionnaires.

  • Weeks 3-18, participants are able to earn extra money by participating in prompts and correctly recording in the electronic diary with the provided smartphone.

  • Weeks 19-22, participants will continue coming to the clinic to receive buprenorphine and give urine.

  • Weeks 23-30, participants buprenorphine doses will be tapered if requested.

This study is free to join and compensation is provided for time and travel. To learn more call 1-800-535-8254.


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