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Criminal Justice Leaders Responding to Addiction

Updated: Jul 9

Please join us for a virtual training for criminal justice professionals on Friday, July 26, from 12 to 3 PM ET. This specialized training program is open to all criminal justice professionals and provides rich information about addiction science, evidence-based treatment, recovery, and engagement strategies. Each participant will receive a 3-hour Continuing Education Certificate that can be submitted to state boards.

Many individuals who have a substance use disorder have contact with the criminal justice system through an arrest, citation, probation, diversion court, or incarceration. It is estimated that 63% of people in jail and 58% in prison have a substance use disorder. The criminal justice system is one of the touchpoints where a criminal justice professional can have a conversation and respond to an individual’s addiction. These leaders are among the many stakeholders who can help create change within our communities.


Featured Faculty

For more information, visit Responding to Addiction.


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