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Stigma Survey Report

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Findings on Attitudes, Levels of Stigma and Support of Key Policies to Address

Addiction Policy Forum is excited to share the findings from a 2021 stigma survey conducted in partnership with North Dakota Office of the Governor's Recovery Reinvented Initiative and the University of Delaware.

The study found that stigma across the state has improved over the last three years, with 74% of North Dakota residents reporting that addiction is a health condition. Data collected from a previous 2018 survey on attitudes and beliefs around addiction among North Dakota residents showed that 63% of respondents agreed that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated as a health condition.

The study also revealed several other important findings related to addiction, indicating that public health responses to addiction are preferred over criminal justice penalties, stereotypes and discrimination are low throughout the state while higher levels of prejudice towards individuals with substance use disorders remain, and lived experience and professional expertise are key factors in lower levels of stigma.

To view or download the report, visit the link below.

ND Stigma Survey Report final_10-24-21
Download PDF • 7.15MB


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