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Co-Branded Prevention Campaigns

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

With the growing substance risks emerging among youth, our prevention education initiatives focus on translating the science behind key topics into content that is accessible, understandable, and actionable for a diverse set of target audiences.

Our Opioid Prevention Campaign and Protect Your Brain Campaign aim to help prevent adolescent substance use by providing explainer videos, PSAs, resources, and materials that translate the science of prevention for adolescents, parents, teachers, and communities. These campaigns feature key information about opioids and guidance on how to stay safe from addiction and protect your brain; and provide evidence-based resources on addiction and critical prevention information on the interaction of drugs and alcohol with the brain, genetics, and helpful steps we can take to guide youth to positive, healthy development.

Campaign materials can be co-branded with your coalition’s logo, for a small one-time fee, so you can hit the ground running!

To sign your coalition up for co-branded Opioid Prevention Campaign materials, click here, and for Protect Your Brain, click here.

Co-Branded Opioid Prevention Campaign materials include:

Co-Branded Protect Your Brain materials include:

  • Addiction and the Brain One-pager

  • How Addiction Hijacks the Brain Infographic

  • Social Media Images (facts, campaign, parents & teachers, optimal for Twitter and Facebook/LinkedIn)

  • Weekly Sample Social Media Posts

  • Press Release Template


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