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Dr. Valerie A. Earnshaw

Scientific Advisory Board, Addiction Policy Forum

Valerie A. Earnshaw, PhD is a social psychologist and Associate Professor at the University of Delaware.

Her research focuses on understanding and addressing associations between stigma and health inequities across the lifespan. Dr. Earnshaw aims to contribute to knowledge of the mechanisms whereby stigma undermines health outcomes and what moderates these relationships in protective ways, as well as contribute to interventions that improve the well-being of stigmatized children, youth, and families. Much of her current research focuses on stigma associated with substance use disorders, HIV, and mental illness. Dr. Earnshaw earned her PhD in Social Psychology in 2011 from the University of Connecticut and then pursued post-doctoral training in HIV/AIDS at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS at Yale University as well as in child- and family-centered health outcomes research at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital. Her work can be seen on her website,


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