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Dr. Brian Fuehrlein

Updated: Jul 2

Scientific Advisory Board, Addiction Policy Forum

Brian Fuehrlein, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine; Director of the Psychiatric Emergency Room at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System.

Dr. Fuehrlein graduated from the M.D. Ph.D. program at the University of Florida in 2008, adult psychiatry residency program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 2012, and addiction psychiatry fellowship at Yale University in 2013. He is currently an Associate Professor and the director of the psychiatric emergency room at the VA Connecticut.

Dr. Fuehrlein has a strong interest in medical student and resident education, particularly surrounding addiction psychiatry, and serves on multiple local and national committees in this role. In 2017, he was awarded the Irma Bland Award for excellence in psychiatry resident education through the APA. In 2018, he was awarded the Clerkship Faculty Teaching Award for Outstanding Medical Student Educator and Role Model. He is also passionate about emergency psychiatry and substance use disorders and has presented and published his work surrounding opioid use disorder in the emergency room setting.

In 2019, he was inducted into the American College of Psychiatrists, an organization that recognizes excellence in clinical practice, research, academic leadership, or teaching.


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