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Addiction in the Family

Film Screening and Discussion with Director Charlotte Wincott

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

7:30 - 9:30 pm

Landmark Theater

Addiction is a family disorder, and in order to address it as such, we need more stories that illuminate how substance misuse can affect loved ones.With that in mind, we were honored to feature a short film that sheds light on the complexities of addiction in the family.Addiction Policy Forum hosted a screening of the award-winning short film, Platitudes, written and directed by Charlotte Wincott, PhD. The screening will be followed by a discussion led by our Jessica Hulsey Nickel.


Dr. Charlotte Wincott is a neuroscientist and filmmaker. Her award-winning short films have been screened internationally and touch on topics related to mental health and psychology. Dr. Wincott was raised in a rural town outside of Richmond, Virginia by an English professor and Fitzgerald scholar. During her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to work in the laboratory of Howard Eichenbaum at Boston University’s Center for Memory and Brain. It was in the Eichenbaum lab that Dr. Wincott learned to train rats on complicated behavior tasks using Fruit Loops that had been cut into quarters. This experience inspired her first short film on operant conditioning (Ping Pong Pigeons) for which she has won several awards, including the Festival Director’s Award at the Toronto Independent Film Festival.

Dr. Wincott holds a Ph.D. from NYU in neuroscience where she studied the role of glutamate receptor-associated proteins in memory and reward-related behavior. She also studied heroin addiction as a postdoctoral researcher at The Rockefeller University and served as Vice President of the outreach organization Know Science where she gave talks on addiction throughout New York City. Dr. Wincott is currently an Associate Director at Pear Therapeutics, a prescription digital therapeutics company that develops and markets products in addiction medicine and other spaces. She also serves on the National Advisory Board for the Addiction Policy Forum.

Jessica Hulsey Nickel is the founder of the Addiction Policy Forum, a national nonprofit organization that leads the fight against the deadly consequences of addiction and helps patients, families, and communities affected by the disease. Jessica is national expert with more than 25 years in the field.


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