10 Ways the SUPPORT Act (H.R. 6) Will Help Our Response to the Opioid Epidemic

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

10 key provisions in H.R. 6 - The SUPPORT Act:

  1. STOP Act—to stop illegal drugs, including fentanyl, at the border

  2. New non-addictive painkillers, research and fast-track

  3. Blister packs for opioids, such as a 3- or 7- day supply

  4. Extends support for Medicaid patients seeking treatment from 15 to 30 days, covering all substance use disorders

  5. TREAT Act—permanently allows more medical professionals to treat people in recovery to prevent relapses and overdoses

  6. Prevent “doctor-shopping” by improving state prescription drug monitoring programs

  7. More behavioral and mental health providers

  8. Support for comprehensive opioid recovery centers

  9. Help for babies born in opioid withdrawal and for mothers with opioid use disorders

  10. More early intervention with vulnerable children who have experienced trauma