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National Leadership Conference 2021

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

On June 24th, Addiction Policy Forum held the 2021 National Leadership Conference. The annual National Leadership Conference highlights innovative solutions to addressing addiction.

Keynote Speakers

2021 Award Winners

This year we recognize individuals who have spearheaded revolutionary work to address childhood trauma, conducted extensive research on gender differences in the treatment of substance use disorders, helped courts address the unique aspects of opioid-use disorder, expanded access to evidence-based treatment in West Virginia, created a groundbreaking program to give former LA gang members a second chance, spent a lifetime advocating on behalf of children impacted by addiction, inspired countless people through recovery and ultramarathons, and steered the city of Baltimore through the opioid epidemic with a critical public health response.

Welcome & Introduction

Featuring Jess Hulsey, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, Judge Robert Rancourt and General Barry McCaffrey

Drug Use and Addiction:

What has Science Revealed?

Presentation by Dr. Nora Volkow, NIDA Director

Click here to view Dr. Volkow's slides.

Honoring Dr. James Berry

2021 Pillar of Excellence in Treatment award winner

Alcohol Use Disorder as a Coping Response:

Hyperkatifela, Deaths of Despair and COVID-19

Dr. George Koob, NIAAA Director

Click here to view Dr. Koob's slides.

Honoring Jack Stein

2021 Pillar of Excellence Award winner

Improving Outcomes for Children Impacted by Parental Addiction Spotlight on the Lynn, MA Model

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, Essex County, MA;

Lauren Phelps, Guidance Counselor

Click here to view their slides.

Helping Families in Crisis:

Results from the enCompass Pilot Study

Jess Hulsey; Alisha Nelson, RecoveryOhio; Dr. Valerie Earnshaw, University of Delaware

Honoring Dr. Nabila El-Bassel/Day 1 Conclusion

2021 Pillar of Excellence in Research award winner

Day 2 - November 5, 2021

Emerging Drug Threats in the U.S.

Mr. Sean Fearns, Chief, Community Outreach, Drug Enforcement Administration

Click here to view Mr. Fearns' slides.

Honoring Sis Wenger

2021 Advocate of the Year award winner

Honoring the 2021 Legislators of the Year Award Winner

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee & Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

Honoring Chief Justice Loretta Rush/Presentation

Pillar of Excellence in Criminal Justice award winner

Advocacy 101 Presentation

featuring Liliana Coronado, Eric Arndt, Lorraine McNeil Popper & Michelle Jaskulski

Click here to view the Advocacy 101 slides.

Honoring Catra Corbett

Pillar of Excellence in Recovery award winner

Conversation with Congressman David Trone

Discussing the Stop the Stigma Act and the Families Support Act

Conversation on the EQUAL Act/Conference Conclusion

Danny Smith, Chief Counsel to Senator Cory Booker


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