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Instructor Spotlight: Deltrin Kimbro

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Deltrin Kimbro has been an enCompass Instructor since July 2023. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Supporter Supervisor and Emergency Projects Coordinator for Let’s Get Real, an Ohio-based organization that works with the community to educate and provide assistance to people on their journey from addiction to recovery. He also runs his nonprofit, Living Water Support and Recovery Group. Of the work he does, Deltrin shares, “ I didn’t choose this work, it chose me. I believe that the people who have lost the most, have the most to give. I hold out hope to those we serve, partner with them to envision and achieve a meaningful and purposeful life.” 

As a person in long-term recovery who assists others on their chosen path of recovery, he is honored to work on several different projects with LGR, Hospital Warm Handoff Project (WHO), Police Assisted Project (PAP), Pre & Post Release Programs in Lorain County, and Specialty Dockets Projects.  

Deltrin has delivered Responding to Addiction trainings and will be working with the Addiction Policy Forum in the new year to field test a new program geared towards individuals who are incarcerated. We are excited to continue to work with Deltrin and appreciate the passion he brings to the work he does! Thank you, Deltrin for your work in the community and for helping drive APF’s mission as an enCompass Instructor!


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