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Responding to Addiction

Responding to Addiction is a specialized, multi-sector training program that is customized for different sectors and careers. The training is full of rich information about addiction science, treatment, recovery, self-care, and resources. Each training is designed to increase knowledge and literacy around addiction, develop skills and strategies to help the community, and promote professional health and wellness.

  • The science of addiction

  • The signs and symptoms of addiction

  • Evidence-based treatment options

  • Wellness strategies, including the prevention of substance use disorders

  • Engagement strategies tailored for the target audience(s)

  • Training resources and presentation

  • Pre-and post-surveys

  • Certificates of participation (if not provided by the host organization)

Length: 2.5 hours

Audience: Teachers, Healthcare Professionals, Policymakers, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Employers, Faith Leaders, and Other Professionals

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