Opioid Prevention Campaign - Bosnian

Updated: May 2

Addiction Policy Forum is excited to share that several components of the Opioid Prevention Campaign are now available in Bosnian, thanks to a collaboration between APF, the Missouri & Kansas Laborers District Council (MKLDC), and the Opioid Response Network.

Sal Valadez, Diversity, Outreach & Marketing Representative for MKLDC, shares:

“In 2018, the Bosnian community in St Louis approached Laborers Local 110 for assistance in addressing the opioid crisis in their community. The collaboration between the Opioids Response Network and the Addiction Policy Forum to provide Bosnian language translations of four key documents is a significant contribution to this effort.

Aldin Lolic, Chair of the Bosnian Opioids Project, shared his thoughts:

"The BOP is grateful for the support received from PreventEd, the ARCHway Institute, ORN, ADP and LiUNA. With the assistance of PreventEd, the BOP recently received certification from the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health.

This has inspired several of us from other ethnic communities to explore the potential of organizing as the Missouri Opioids and Ethnic Communities Collaborative. The purpose of this effort is to advocate for additional multi-language and culturally appropriate resources for our ethnic communities in Missouri and advocating for funding to support community led efforts at the grassroots level focused on opioids education and prevention efforts for our English and non-English speaking students, parents, and community. We wish to inform everyone of the risks and consequences of the use of non-prescription opioids, and the misuse of prescription opioids.

Our communities must know the truth - opioids can lead to addiction. Opioids addiction may affect lives in many ways: employment and employability; health and mental health; and impact family, friends, and community. Opioid addiction may lead to life-long struggles. Some may be faced with the choice of the turmoil of lifetime addiction; or committing themselves to a productive life in recovery. These are the truths about the perils of opioids. Our ethnic communities need information that will provide them with clarity regarding the potential impact of the opioids epidemic on our communities

Access the four one-pagers below.

Teens & Opioids

Bosnian - Teens and Opioids (1)
Download PDF • 5.59MB

Addiction and the Brain

Bosnian - Addiction and the Brain (1)
Download PDF • 2.20MB

Refusal Skills

Bosnian - Refusal Skills (1)
Download PDF • 1.26MB

The Hijacker

Bosnian - Hijacker (1)
Download PDF • 188KB