Recovery Point

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

By Mark Powell

Where People Show the Way Out

“If you have an electrical problem in your house, you don’t call a plumber. You call an electrician.” With that simple analogy, Greg Perry sums up the philosophy that guides Recovery Point West Virginia. He’s more than just the program’s Director of Recovery Support Services; he’s in recovery himself, just like more than 90% of his coworkers. That’s because having a team of people in recovery, who have struggled with addiction themselves, is a priority.

“There’s something unique about walking into a building and knowing that every person you see is a person in long-term recovery, and most likely a graduate of that model,” Perry explains. “So, it’s all based on identifying with others who’ve been there and done that.”

Healing Place of Huntington opened with 30 beds in 2011. It was based on the social model used at The Healing Place in Louisville, Kentucky where there’s no clinical component. It’s all people helping people.

The response was strong b