Max's Mission

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

By Mark Powell

The Story of a Mother on a Mission: Save Children from Addiction

The small community of Ashland in Oregon’s Rogue Valley was rocked by addiction six years ago. Andrew, Colin, Jordan and Max were local young men who shared a sad link. All four died of an overdose within six months of each other.

Julia Pinsky’s son Max was one of them. He was 25. Max hadn’t been using heroin for long, but Julia says it was a “rapid downhill escalation, a speed train.” In fact, his parents weren’t even aware Max was home the day he died until they found him unresponsive.

Like some who experience such a deep loss, Julia didn’t want to talk to anyone. But she spent a lot of time online doing research. She kept coming across references to naloxone again and again and couldn’t help wondering, “If many of us had naloxone, maybe it would have been different?”

But Julia couldn’t find anyone in