Positive Sobriety Institute

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

By Mark Powell

Physicians Helping Physicians

They’re the folks we depend on when we’re ill: doctors, nurses, and other people working in the healthcare industry. As highly trained as they are, these professionals are still people, making them just as susceptible to substance use disorder as anyone else.

But what happens when the men and women we count on to help us get well struggle with addiction themselves? Where do they turn for help? More and more frequently, they’re heading to an office on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago.

That’s where the Positive Sobriety Institute is located. Its team of addiction experts design individualized, sciencebased comprehensive treatment plans for professionals. Its work is the result of one of its founders having been there himself.

Back in 1982, Dr. Daniel Angres was a recovering physician. He got the treatment he needed. But the experience profoundly impacted his career. He began working in addiction medicine with a specialty