Project Nurture

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

By Mark Powell

Nurturing Prenatal Care

For a long time, women in Oregon who were both pregnant and fighting addiction were caught in a Catch-22. Addiction providers didn’t want to work with pregnant women because of potential complications. And maternity care providers didn’t want to work with women suffering from addiction because of lack of understanding and expertise in that area.

What were they to do?

The answer arrived in 2014 when Project Nurture was launched. It’s a care model that integrates substance use treatment and maternity care.

“The program was created because there was a gap in the system,” says Maggie Bennington-Davis, the group’s CEO and Chief Medical Director.

“For many women who are addicted, often the first time we saw them was at the hospital at the time of delivery. They avoided doctors and received no prenatal care. That led to complicated deliveries, premature babies and high-level care.”</