New Education Campaign, Vaping: Know the Facts, Now Available Nationwide

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

By Addiction Policy Forum

Free Toolkit for Schools, Teens, and Parents Aims to Reduce Teen E-Cigarette Use

Washington, DC— December 10, 2019— Today, national nonprofit Addiction Policy Forum launched “Vaping: Know the Facts,” a campaign and toolkit with resources for teachers, school administrators, teens and parents that explains what science says about adolescent e-cigarette use; spoiler alert: vaping is not safe. As the real risks of “vaping” remain largely misunderstood by adults and teens alike, the campaign boils down the latest research into a digestible format that empowers teens and adults.

E-cigarettes were introduced to the US market in 2007 and promoted as a healthier alternative to smoking for adults. Since then, a culture of vaping — classified as an epidemic by the Surgeon General in 2018— has emerged among adolescents. Between 2017 and 2018, the share of high-school students using e-cigarettes rose by 78 percent; meaning that one in five teens use e-cigarettes. Vaping-related illnesses have resulted in 42 deaths to date, which prompted more than eight states to take action to reduce access.

E-cigarettes have not yet been subject to a government health and safety review, which has resulted in a misinformed consumer base that is largely unaware of the health risks of vaping and perceive vaping as a harmless alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.