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Federal and State Law Enforcement Warn of Increased Threats Related to Liquid Fentanyl

Updated: Jan 19

Public health and law enforcement authorities advise increased vigilance related to the rising threat of injectable liquid fentanyl, according to a recent Public Health Alert issued by the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education at the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation in conjunction with the Colombo Plan. 

The recent public health alert provides guidance on the emerging threat of fentanyl injectable solutions, which according to global law enforcement agencies, are being stolen or diverted from hospitals, clinics, and medical supply houses in Panama (19,000 vials), the United States, and Europe. The report also provides information on reports from Nigeria, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, and Costa Rica on diverted injectable solutions of pharmaceutical fentanyl.

While pharmaceutical liquid fentanyl is used for medical procedures and contains a non-lethal dose of fentanyl, the substance is heavily regulated by health officials. Pharmaceutical fentanyl citrate injection solution typically contains 50 micrograms of fentanyl citrate in each milliliter of solution, considered a non-lethal dose. However, officials warn that injection of 5-10mL of these solutions can cause intoxication and may lead to death in susceptible individuals or users without opioid tolerance.

Law enforcement and public health entities encourage people to use only prescription medications that were prescribed by a doctor and filled at a legitimate pharmacy within the United States and stress the importance of educating the public that legitimate pharmaceutical medications cannot be legally purchased on social media platforms.

Social Media

  • Liquid fentanyl has been identified as a new emerging threat in many countries, including the US. @CFSRE_\Fredric Rieders Family Foundation (FRFF) and @ColomboPlan issue new Public Health Alert. 

  • New global emerging threat: Injectable Liquid Fentanyl. Global public health authorities issue alerts about the rising presence of injectable liquid fentanyl, a new formulation that could have devastating effects on communities worldwide. 

  • New injectable liquid form of fentanyl presents a serious threat to public health and safety worldwide. Public health officials are advising countries and communities to be aware and vigilant. Read the Public Health Alert. 

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