Aware Recovery Care

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

By Mark Powell

Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery

Too often, people struggling with addiction experience barriers that come between them and their recovery. People living in some rural communities, for instance, will note how few treatment options exist for them, or they may not have the means to drive great distances to receive their treatment. Aware Recovery Care removes those barriers to care by bringing treatment directly to the home.

Why in-home treatment? Because involving loved ones in the treatment process plays an essential role. “We believe addiction is a family disease,” says Michael Judd, Aware Recovery Care’s corporate manager and certified recovery manager. “It not only affects individuals but people around them.” As a result, family members as well as the client benefit from the program.

Aware Recovery Care’s service is based on the visiting nurse model. Each client is assigned to a team of multi-discipline specially trained professionals, including an addiction psychiatrist, a family wellness consultant a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a care coordinator who is either a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, a LMSW, or someone with a combination of mental health and holistic specialties and certifications.

The team addresses all aspects of the client’s life not just their misuse of drugs. Together, they utilize a wide variety of evidence-based practices and innovative technologies that give clients the best chance to not only recover but to maintain it on a long-term basis.