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Anti-Stigma Survey Toolkit

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Thank you for participating in the Addiction Policy Forum’s Anti-Stigma Initiative! This new initiative is designed to: reduce addiction stigma, increase knowledge about addiction, improve helping behaviors towards individuals with a substance use disorder, and identify levels of addiction stigma in a community to establish a baseline indicator.

As part of the Anti-Stigma Initiative, sites will deploy a stigma survey to measure addiction knowledge, confidence in how to respond to a substance use disorder, and levels of stigma in their communities. The purpose of the stigma survey is to identify levels of addiction stigma in communities to establish a baseline indicator and, ultimately, determine targeted interventions.

Using This Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give participating sites the tools and resources to effectively communicate and deploy the stigma survey successfully. We encourage you to download the customized materials and share the information with your networks to help spread awareness of the initiative. If you have challenges accessing the materials or have other questions about toolkit materials or the initiative, email

This partner toolkit includes sample language, materials, and graphics to share with your networks.

Survey Materials

Key Messages

Sample Email

Sample Blog Post

Sample Press Release

Social Media Posts

Download Facebook Graphics

Download Instagram Graphics

Download X (Twitter) Graphics


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