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Massachusetts Innovation Now Report

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Addiction is a tireless foe. It causes so many problems in Massachusetts and across our country and generates so many sad headlines, it’s all too tempting to throw up our hands in despair. But we don’t have to, because there is reason for hope.

We’re seeing innovative programs with new approaches that are bringing renewed optimism to a growing number of people in the Bay State. The Innovations Now initiative recognizes innovators and leaders across different sectors addressing addiction--prevention, treatment, recovery, child welfare, criminal justice, law enforcement and health professionals--the leaders who are creating solutions and driving change.

As the Addiction Policy Forum’s founder, it’s my pleasure to work with patients, families, community members, and state and local leaders who are passionate about solving addiction. As a person whose family has been devastated by this disease, I share the Addiction Policy Forum’s mission of eliminating addiction as a health problem in America.

It’s an honor to recognize the innovators in Massachusetts who are leading the way by their example. In the following pages, you’ll learn about the outstanding work they’re doing to both improve our response to addiction and to save lives.

-Jessica Hulsey

MA Innovations Report
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