Know the Facts

An awareness campaign and toolkit for parents, teachers, school administrators, and teens.

As the real risks of “vaping” remain largely misunderstood by adults and teens alike, Vaping: Know the Facts boils down the latest science into a free, open-source toolkit that explains the harms associated with adolescent vaping and empowers audiences with the tools to take action.


For Educators

Easy-to-use classroom activities, a detention intervention strategy, sample parental advisory, and educational materials.

For Parents

An interactive online course about the harms associated with teen vaping, strategies for prevention, and tips for talking to your teen. 

For Teens

An interactive course that explains what science has to say about e-cigarettes and how to protect your brain while it's still developing. 


Vaping - The Hit Your Brain Takes

This video explains what science says about adolescent e-cigarette use. Spoiler alert: it's not good. 

This toolkit includes:

  • Fact Sheet
  • Classroom Activity
  • Detention Intervention
  • Online Course for Teens
  • Animated Video
  • Sample Parent Advisory
  • Online Course for Parents



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You bet. Addiction Policy Forum is committed to keeping our resources free because everyone should have access to quality information about substance use and addiction. 


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