Strategic Plan




Addiction Policy Forum released our vision, mission and priorities in January 2019 and identifies five new and immediate priorities -- or strategies -- that will move us forward.


The five strategies include:

  1. Help Families and Patients in Crisis. Provide new, effective resources and support for patients and families in crisis.
  2. Integrate Treatment. Develop resources, protocols and tools for physicians, healthcare systems and the workforce to integrate treatment of substance use disorders into healthcare. 
  3. Raise Awareness. Educate, translate and communicate information about the disease of addiction to key stakeholders and audiences. 
  4. Prevent Addiction. Helping communities and families take steps to prevent addiction or find it at its earliest, most treatable stage. 
  5. Advocate and Educate. Intensify the urgency around addiction and mobilize bold action through advocacy and engagement.


Addiction Policy Forum Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

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