David Baron, DO, MSEd

Western University of Health Sciences VP, External and Clinical Relations

I have been involved with Addiction Medicine research and education for over 40 years My work has been translational, ranging from the role of beta lactam in the self administration of drugs of abuse (Rawls, Baron et al), to extensive work with Ken Blum and colleagues on RDS and the GARS.  My current focus is on MAT training for health providers, focusing on the opiod crisis. I have served as Medical Director at a number of Addiction Treatment programs, including The Horsham Clinic, Malibu Beach Recovery Center, and the CLARE/MATRIX Foundation. I have taught Addiction Medicine to health care graduate students (physicians, nurses and graduate students) for over 30years.  I have been a Doping Control officer in the world of elite sports since 1983, and continue to be active in this field. While Deputy Clinical Director of the NIMH, I was appointed, and served on the Drug Free Workplace Legislation Senior Task Force, under President Reagan.

My work in Addictions has been translational.  I have worked on the biology of craving and modulation of self-administration of drugs of abuse through Glut-1 modulation with Bata lactam.  My most recent, and ongoing, contribution has been working with Dr. Ken Blum on RDS and genetics related to Addiction etiology and future treatment strategies, and funded research on training health professionals in MAT for Addiction. Although not directly related in the generation of new research findings, I have been very active in educating health professionals about all aspects of Addiction, and studied the role of exercise in treating Addiction.