Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

By Mark Powell

The Goal of Recovery

It may not be the first way we think of helping people who struggle with addiction, but the Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition (IAIC) advocates for people and their recovery through public policy and education.

“Treatment is not the goal, recovery is the goal,” says IAIC director Brandon George.  “People need ongoing connections to systems. Indiana has a pretty good infrastructure for treatment. But it doesn’t have an infrastructure for recovery. That’s where we come in.”

Founded in 1999, the goal of the IAIC is to create a statewide grassroots network composed primarily of members of the recovery community, family members, and care providers. They do this through advocacy, public education and service. It’s helping build capacity for recovery by training 300 recovery coaches over the past five years. “We go all over the state,” George says.

“Before the creation of recovery-informed communities, people had no idea what to do and were relying on internet services to learn. The internet isn’t going to solve a health care crisis.”

The IAIC also works at the grassroots level. Federal and state grants in recent years have allowed the group to expand and offer recovery support services.