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Support the Inclusion of the Medicaid Reentry Act in the Upcoming Reconciliation Package

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over half of those currently incarcerated are struggling with a mental health condition, and approximately 75 percent also have a co-occuring substance use disorder. Without proper health coverage upon release from prison or jail, many of these individuals struggle to find medical coverage when reentering their communities.

The Medicaid Reentry Act is a bipartisan bill which would grant Medicaid coverage to incarcerated individuals 30 days prior to their release. This would allow for uninterrupted health coverage for the individual upon reentry to the community, decreased recidivism, and savings on healthcare and criminal justice costs for jurisdictions across the nation.

Take Action Today

The Medicaid Reentry Act is currently being reviewed as a policy add-on in the upcoming budget reconciliation package before Congress. It is vital to contact your Member of Congress to express your support for this legislation and expand access to addiction treatment and other health services for those leaving jail or prison.

Tweet Your Members of Congress

To find your elected officials, visit

Click this link [] to tweet at your elected officials regarding the Medicaid Reentry Act. Make sure to tag them by typing “@” followed by their name.


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