Paths to Recovery


Recovery from an addiction is an ongoing process that can look different for every person. These patient stories show some of the many pathways to recovery.

Cody is an athlete and spent most of his adolescence engaged in healthy activities, but when he started college Cody began having periods of binge drinking where he would consume more than five beers in two hours. ...Read more.

Cody, 17

Diagnosed with mild alcohol use disorder

Throughout her teens and twenties, Tania suffered from anxiety. She used marijuana to try to manage the symptoms, which seemed to worsen as her usage grew. When she missed an important meeting because she was too afraid to get out of her car, she was prescribed benzodiazepines...Read more.

Tania, 28

Diagnosed with severe sedative use disorder

Nancy struggled with substance use from an early age, and had a long family history of addiction. By age twenty-five she suffered from opioid use disorder, and after multiple trips to inpatient detox and residential treatment facilities was able to achieve abstinence from opioids at age thirty...Read more.

Nancy, 34

Diagnosed with severe stimulant use disorder

Sarah remembers feeling anxious as a child, as if there was nowhere she fit in. That changed in high school when she discovered that drinking beer made her feel confident and at ease. She had periods of binge drinking...Read more.

Sarah, 37

Diagnosed with moderate alcohol use disorder

Meg recalls always feeling like a loner. In high school she began using alcohol and marijuana, the usage of which increased steadily over the years. She initiated opioid use with stolen pain relievers at twenty-one, and quickly progressed to using heroin to stave off withdrawal symptoms...Read more.

Meg, 23

Diagnosed with moderate opioid use disorder

After his father’s incarceration when he was 11, Jake began sneaking cigarettes from his mother’s purse and alcohol from the liquor cabinet. By his twenties, Jake was using marijuana, cocaine and pills...Read more.

Jake, 55

Diagnosed with severe alcohol use disorder

At the age of twenty Dan was in a devastating car accident, and began misusing the muscle relaxants he was prescribed for his back injury. He suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, though was never referred to a psychiatrist or behavioral health provider for his worsening symptoms...Read more.

Dan, 40

Diagnosed with severe opioid use disorder