Nancy, 34

Diagnosed with severe stimulant use disorder

Hasenpfeffer Incorporated

Nancy struggled with substance use from an early age, and had a long family history of addiction. By age twenty-five she suffered from opioid use disorder, and after multiple trips to inpatient detox and residential treatment facilities was able to achieve abstinence from opioids at age thirty.

But she had no recovery support or ongoing substance use disorder care, and began using alcohol and then methamphetamines, telling herself that this usage was not a problem because heroin was her primary substance of addiction.

When Nancy applied for a retail job, her toxicology test came up positive for methamphetamines. She admitted to her potential employer that she had been using methamphetamines multiple times a day and wanted help to stop. The business owner told Nancy that if she went to substance use disorder treatment and achieved prolonged abstinence from all substances as supported by urinalysis, he would be happy to hire her when she was healthy and able to work.

Inspired by this career prospect, Nancy immediately engaged in treatment, starting with residential treatment and working her way through progressively less intensive levels of care.

Today, Nancy’s substance use disorder is in remission, and she was recently promoted to manager at work. She is motivated to help others suffering from substance use disorder through active participation as a sponsor at her home Narcotics Anonymous meeting.



Residential Treatment (three months)
Partial Hospitalization Program (three months)
Intensive Outpatient Program (nine months year)
Relapse Prevention therapy (one year)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ongoing)

Recovery Support

Narcotics Anonymous (ongoing)