J. Mark Powell

Mark Powell is an author, former network journalist, and veteran communications expert.


His remarkable career began in his native Missouri with working as an announcer and news reporter at a radio station while still in high school. He went on to work at TV stations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama and Kentucky where he reported everywhere from the county courthouse to the White House. He interviewed presidents, public officials, political candidates, movie and sports stars, war heroes and even criminals. He later spent 17 years as a senior news writer and news editor at CNN in Atlanta, where he had a front row seat to the biggest news stories of the day and was part of an editorial team that won two Emmy awards.

In 2009, Mark began a new career in the communications and media relations field. He served as communications director for a gubernatorial campaign in Alabama and later worked on a congressional race in South Carolina. Then it was off to Capitol Hill as a congressional communicator, followed by more than three years as communications director for the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

Along the way, he wrote two published novels (Tell It Like Tupper and The Curse of Cain), became a contributing columnist for the Washington Examiner, and writes Holy Cow! History, a weekly column detailing fun, forgotten tales from the past. He currently resides in South Carolina and is Vice President of Communications and Message Development for Ivory Tusk Consulting.