After losing her son, Michael, to addiction at the age of 19, after a 2.5-year struggle, she made a decision: another life cannot be lost and another mother should never suffer the loss of a child to addiction. These words came to her: HIS FACE, MY VOICE.

Lou has spent the last seven years as an advocate in her community bringing awareness and education to youth and their families by shedding light on the stigma and shame associated with addiction. Her efforts include statewide presentations in various community events, school presentations, treatment centers, community groups, seminars, conferences, as well as participating in several documentaries.  In September of 2016, she was invited to Washington and participated in a parent panel at the White House as she represented the families of New Mexico.

One month after losing her son, she joined HAC, which has afforded her a platform to advocate. HAC is a nonprofit, grassroots group of parents and grandparents who advocate for those who struggle with addiction and the families of those who struggle. Currently, Lou is employed at Serenity Mesa, a division of HAC, which provides sober living for the youth in her community.