John Lally is a psychiatric APRN with a private practice in psychiatry in East Windsor, CT, though he lives in Ellington, CT. He has worked in psychiatry and some addictions work for 34 years. He is also an associate member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. On January 21, 2016, his older son, Tim, died from a heroin overdose after a two to three year battle with substance abuse and 12 years of dealing with depression and panic disorder.

After Tim's death, John and his wife Laura started a non profit organization called Today I Matter (T.I.M.) They have been visible throughout CT at over 40 events in the past year and a half, providing educational literature, speaking about their family's story, and educating the public about the medical explanation of addiction. John believes that these two approaches are critical in reducing the shame and stigma of addiction and mental illness. John believes that shame led to his son's death in that he was too ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone that he relapsed, and did not get help when he was most vulnerable.