Jill and her husband Don have a combined family of five children. Jill's two sons, Shawn and Paul, have suffered with heroin use disorder for seven years.  
Her current job is not in a field related to addiction; she simply would love the opportunity to be involved in her community to help bring about change, lift the stigma and help families find and locate resources for themselves and their loved ones.
Jill has spent many years with her boys navigating insurance and treatment, as well as spent much time educating herself on the disease of addiction - most recently learning how to navigate the hospitals and the criminal justice system in Santa Cruz County. She has had several of the boys' friends and parents reach out to her for support in helping them find treatment, including resources for MAT.
Jill's areas of interest are in, but not limited to, finding and supporting families in crisis, working on a crisis line, helping families find treatment for their loved ones and above all, raise awareness and bring about change.
In 2016, Jill was able to arrange a meeting with the CEO of her local recovery center, Rod Libby with Janus of Santa Cruz. Together with her husband and then Police Chief of Capitola, Rudy Escalante, they were able to discuss current programs available and how to bring about change in their community.
Jill is a current member of Learn2Cope, founded by Joanne Peterson out of Boston, MA. She is also a recent new member of A New PATH and Moms United founded by Gretchen Burns-Bergman in San Diego, California.