Isabel Rodzik is a Nurse Care Manager for a behavioral health company in Maine. Isabel lost the love of her life, Steven to an overdose death at a rehab facility in 2017. Since that loss, Isabel has vowed to make sure Steven is remembered for the amazing fiancé and father he was and not for his disease. Isabel has also made it her mission to end the stigma of addiction by helping those that suffer from substance use disorder and their families.

Isabel has worked in the mental health field as an RN at a drug and alcohol detox homeless shelter. Isabel’s compassionate and down-to earth nature has provided a safe place for her patients to authentically find their truth and start their healing process. Her motto has always been the quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” She believes that addiction should never be silenced and we should celebrate those in recovery, be a voice for those who suffer from this disease, and honor the loved ones who have passed. 

Isabel was a co-facilitator at the Center for Grieving Children supporting families that have lost a loved one and educated individuals about the grief process. Isabel’s future endeavor is to create a safe place for the children who are affected by addiction. Isabel believes that the children need to not be forgotten in this epidemic. They need the support, love, and encouragement to shine their light and be able to live a fulfilled life.

Isabel has a Paralegal Certificate from Boston University, B.A in Psychology from the University of Maine and an AAS in Nursing from Maine College of Health Professions. She resides on the coast of Maine with her beautiful 2-year-old daughter, Scarlett Grace.