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Innovation Now reimagines how we address addiction.

The initiative showcases innovative programs and interventions from across the nation that are transforming the field of addiction. Click the map to find out what's near you.


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Precursor to Innovation Now, the Spotlight Series translated what is working on the ground into actionable documents that describe the nuts and bolts of each program, including how it works, how it was built, findings on efficacy, and future aims. Each document can be used as a starting point for other localities aiming to transform how they address addiction. 

Spotlight - Moms & Babies Spotlight - Text-a-Tip

Spotlight - Kenton County Detention Center SAP (Substance Abuse Program) Spotlight - New Mexico Peer Education Project Spotlight - Pennsylvania's Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Pilot Programs for Justice-Involved Individuals 

Spotlight - A Way Out Spotlight - Text-a-Tip Spotlight - Text-a-Tip Spotlight - Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)

Spotlight - Burner Phone Initiative 

Spotlight - Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) Spotlight - Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) Spotlight - Celebrating Families! Spotlight - Project SUCCESS Spotlight - Jackson County Anti-Drug Coalition (JCADC)

Spotlight - Phoenix Multisport Spotlight - Aware Recovery Care  Spotlight - The Other Side Spotlight - Operation Snowball Spotlight - Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (ACHESS) Spotlight - Recovery Reinvented Spotlight - The Alano Club of Portland's Recovery Toolkit Series Spotlight - AnchorED Rhode Island

Spotlight - Text-a-Tip Spotlight - Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (ACHESS)

YaleED Initiativeimage Spotlight - Text-a-Tip Mosaic Fast Track Image Spotlight - Physician Health Programs Spotlight - CBT 4 CBT Spotlight - Project Echo Spotlight - Hub and Spoke Model Spotlight - Aware Recovery CareSpotlight - Pennsylvania's Warm Hand-off

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