Heather McAllister has been engaged in advocacy efforts at the local and state levels throughout her career as a social worker. Heather became interested in advocacy through her volunteer experience as a Guardian Ad Litem representing children in the foster care system in Wake County. This experience led Heather to return to school and pursue her bachelors and master’s in social work.

Heather has worked with individuals as an advocate to assist them with accessing the services they need to obtain basic needs, medical care, mental health and substance use disorder services. Heather has also been involved in statewide initiatives as a consultant to the North Carolina Division of Mental Health and as the State System of Care Coordinator. In this role Heather worked on improving access to services for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury, Veterans, and Children and Families receiving mental health services.

Currently Heather is a mental health professional in Wake County working with persons with mental health and substance use disorders. Heather is also a Recovery Ally with lived experience as a family member of a person in recovery.