Funding Principles



The Addiction Policy Forum strives to meet the highest standards of integrity and quality in our programs and advocacy. Our strategic direction, project priorities, and approach are defined by our board and leadership and revisited biannually.

The Addiction Policy Forum is grateful to each of our funders who help us support, promote and work with partners throughout the addiction community to advance knowledge of and translate discoveries about substance use disorder and its complications into practical solutions that make everyday life better for people living with or at risk for addiction. Without funding, this work would not be possible. 

Funding enables our mission

The pursuit of essential financial support enables the Addiction Policy Forum to translate our values into action. We accept funding that supports our mission from private individuals, foundations, corporations and government organizations with shared values. While we rely upon engagement and feedback from funders to enhance the quality of our work, we are an independent organization and no funder determines our research findings or expert recommendations.

Intellectual property

The Addiction Policy Forum retains rights in intellectual property produced during and after the funding period, except in the case of government-funded projects. When a funded project is complete, we independently disseminate the insights gained from our work through various avenues and formats such as blogs, newsletters, Op-eds, videos, and infographics. We believe that collaborating with stakeholders and sharing information is critical to making quality work. Our products are considered “open-source” and can be used by other organizations with shared purposes when proper credit is given.

Diversity of thought

Diversity of thought is vital to the creation of innovative, quality work. We value and cultivate the diversity of our staff members and partners across many dimensions, including the range of disciplines, the variety of methods used, and the unique experiences and perspectives that each person brings to the work. As an organization, we welcome the difficult conversations that necessarily arise surrounding controversial topics in the field.

The biopharmaceutical industry is an important partner in addressing the current drug crisis and addiction on a much broader scale. Every disease that has made advancements in treatment has done so with industry and scientists at the table. Addiction is no different. If we are going to change the trajectory of an epidemic that is killing 174 people every single day, we must think differently about how to approach the issue. Bringing all stakeholders to the table is a critical step in that process.

That said, we do have strict guidelines about accepting funds from corporations. The Addiction Policy Forum does not accept funding from any treatment centers or facilities. We do not accept funding from companies that produce substances that do not have medical value. As such, the Addiction Policy Forum does not accept funds from the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry or from pharmaceutical companies who do not invest in research and development for new solutions and treatments.

Disclosure of funding sources

Contributions from sponsors are publicly acknowledged and listed on our website. However, we do not list individual donors. When projects are made possible by a particular funder, the relationship shall be disclosed in connection with that project.

Freedom to decline support

The Addiction Policy Forum can reject support from any individual, corporation, or foundation at management’s discretion.