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Families Strong Support Groups

Supporting family members of individuals with substance use disorders.

Families Strong is a support group developed to support families impacted by substance use disorder. The program focuses on helping family members develop self-care, build social supports, and learn effective motivational strategies for interacting with a loved one who is struggling with a substance use disorder. 

Families Strong was adapted from an evidence-based, mental health, professional-led model to be more accessible and sustainable by using a peer-led support group approach. 

Families Strong provides support for family members of those struggling with substance use disorder. This support is provided through focused discussions and activities about:

• Self care

• Positive self talk

• Self empowerment

• Increased social support 

Families Strong also helps family members to have a clear understanding of substance use disorder and substance use treatment options by:

• Discussing substance use disorder as a chronic illness

• Discussing prior treatment attempts

• Discussing supporting your loved one in treatment

• Preparing for changes in the family

• Working with refusal to enter treatment


Main Goals

• Minimize the negative effects of an individual’s substance use disorder on family members and friends
• Provide support for family members and friends of individuals with substance use disorders
• Change the methods the family member uses to communicate with the substance user
• Assist the substance user in getting treatment



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