Erica Ellis Bartling is a counselor, and child advocate who works with law enforcement, medical professionals, and prevention professionals across the state of West Virginia to educate, reduce stigma and bring hope to those affected by the opioid crisis.

Erica believes that illegal drug use elicits the response to punish, isolate and shame those with substance use disorders and the antidote to addiction merely is connection - a solution and prevention method that she utilizes as a support counselor and professional counseling student. 

Erica has been featured in four national magazines for the work that she has accomplished regarding Narcan and addiction training in rural communities. She is a Certified Opioid Overdose Trainer, Certified Addiction Trainer and a Trainer of Trainers through Addiction Policy Forum. Erica received her education from Oklahoma State University Medical Center and Liberty University where she obtained the following degrees: B.S. Psychology, B.S. Substance Abuse, and Recovery, B.S. Crisis Intervention, M.A. of Professional Counseling (August 2018), LVN-S, state of Oklahoma.