Emergency Medicine

Our Hospital Systems are a Key Player in Addressing Addiction.

To ensure that help exists for the millions of Americans impacted by addiction every day, we must work together to change the stigma against this disease, and integrate its treatment into the healthcare system. We know that people who have had a nonfatal overdose are at heightened risk for fatal overdose, making the Emergency Department a critical intervention point. By changing how we respond to a nonfatal overdose and implementing the necessary protocols, we can have the biggest impact and save the most lives.

Our Emergency Medicine Initiative empowers families, patients, medical providers, and policymakers to improve evidence-based screening, assessment, early intervention, and treatment best practices-- critically important resources that can transform a trip the Emergency Department into the first step toward recovery. 

Our Initiative:

There are three components of the Emergency Medicine Initiative:

  1. Hospital Toolkit

  2. Yale School of Medicine & American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Partnership

  3. Provider Resources and Tools

Healthcare Integration Spotlights

For more information about Addiction Policy Forum’s Emergency Medicine Initiative, please reach out to us.

If you are concerned about your substance use or a loved one’s, please visit the Addiction Resource Center or call 1-833-301-HELP for resources, support, and connection to treatment.