Doug first became involved as an advocate shortly after the passing of his daughter Courtney in September of 2014. Locally, Doug has addressed the need to increase awareness about the dangers of drugs in the community and Narcan in the homes of families at risk for overdose. Doug testified before both the House and Senate Health and Human Services Subcommittees to encourage passage of NH House Bill 271, and testified again before a US Senate subcommittee along with Jack Riley, head of the US DEA, Michael Boticelli, Director of ONDCP and Gil Kerlikowske, Head of the US border patrol on the rise of opioid-related deaths and the importance of the CARA legislation. In 2016, Doug became involved with the Addiction Policy Forum and is currently a Co-Chair of the Addiction Policy Forum Families Committee. 
In New Hampshire, Doug started a Leo club for students ages 12-18 to work in conjunction with the Lions club to raise awareness within the local school system. The success of the club has led to opening doors and the possibility of many more Leo clubs across New Hampshire. Doug is on the board of directors of Project Recovery, whose goal is to purchase a farm and house a sober living facility where people in recovery can work and become part of the farm and share in its profits. Currently, Doug is has been the owner of Seacoast Digital Computers for the past 30 years. Doug’s family owns The Green Griffin flower shop - a seven-year-old busy-as-you-can-get flower and gift shop run by his daughter Shannon. The Griffin family hosts a monthly church service for addicts and their loved ones and is spreading to other churches across New England.
In Massachusetts, Doug is on the board of directors of the Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project (MVPASAP). This three-year-old nonprofit organization is based in Methuen, MA. MVPASAP has been a major force in educating people of the Merrimack Valley about drug awareness, treatment and recovery services. MVPASAP meetings are attended by legislators, clinicians, law enforcement, court personnel, and families having been touched by the sting of substance use disorders.