Digital Volunteers


Digital Volunteer Program


Together, we can solve this. 


Get involved in our mission to eliminate addiction as a major health problem by joining our digital volunteer action network.


Volunteers today come in many forms. Most people imagine an in-person volunteer position, but in today’s digital world, being “in person” isn’t required. Every day, volunteers across the country lend a hand virtually, from their computers and phones.  


Volunteering for the Addiction Policy Forum as a Digital Volunteer is a great way to help families and friends of those affected by addiction.  You will be helping raise awareness, educate and eliminate the stigma often associated with addiction.  


And it’s easy!  At the beginning of every week you will receive an email from the Addiction Policy Forum that you can just Cut & Paste directly to your social media account.  There will be a post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.







Become a Digital Volunteer