B.R.I.D.G.E.S. (Bridging Recovery In Delaware- Gathering Essential Supports) is a project of Love INC of Mid-Delmarva, Inc. that focuses on a community response to the addiction epidemic in Delaware by providing individuals with local resources. One of its key initiatives and pilot program is the Community Navigator Program (CNP). The purpose of the CNP is to help the community member (who wants to be part of the solution) to become well-trained on how to connect needs to resources when a person, friend or family member is experiencing problems surrounding addiction and is seeking help.

The Board members of B.R.I.D.G.E.S. all bring a unique perspective and skill to offer solutions to the cause. Board members include: Dan Southern, a pastor of a church who has seen first hand loss in its congregation in the battle against addiction; Beth Duke, who brings family support expertise; Nikki Gonzalez, who works front lines in this cause advocating and navigating the system with the homeless guests at her homeless shelters; David Baugh, who is fully recovered from his own battle with addiction and is the owner of a non-profit offering transitional housing for men in recovery; Robin Smith, who leads Transformational Ministries for Love INC and works on long-term case management and community courses for neighbors who are in need of mentors; and Susan Kent, Director of Love INC of Mid-Delmarva who is on the front lines of walking with neighbors who are seeking direction to the local systems of care in recovery.

Our mission is to lead an emergency response coalition, to connect our neighbors who are experiencing addiction, and to seek transformation to a community of care.

Our vision is to be a working community-based coalition seeking to make strategic, effective steps toward changing the way we view and execute recovery systems in Delaware!
Photo:  Back row left to right, Beth, Robin, Susan, Nikki. Front row left to right, David, Pastor Dan.