Dale is so grateful for his sobriety and the opportunities he feels he receives each day to help in this ever-growing problem of addiction. The world is full of sad and depressed people wandering around looking for a reason to give it one more day. Dale feels so strongly that "we, us, the survivors, can stand and be that reason" and that more times than not, what drives most addicts to continue using and even eventually end their lives is the feeling of utter and complete hopelessness. Dale believes that those in recovery truly do find themselves in a very unique special position - a position to shine like the brightest beacon of hope and happiness. Dale's hope today is that he can do that very thing. Dale hopes and prays each and every day that he doesn't get lost in the midst of what the world has to offer and forget where he came from. Dale feels that his sobriety is in a lot of ways contingent upon his ability to not lose track of where he came from and all he sacrificed to get himself to where he's at today.